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Gargan Roo

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 8:06 PM

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General Updates

Summer has been both uneventful and eventful as always!  I've had an enjoyable time visiting friends and family, but most of that has been in June.  My July on the other hand hasn't really featured much, especially since my friends have now all either moved away or have taken up work for the summer, and my girlfriend is away until August.  But I'm appreciating the downtime I can spend since August is going to get crazy.  I'm moving to New England!  Oh man, I can't wait.  I hope graduate school isn't too stressful.

I've started trying to rebuild my abdominal strength to increase my lung capacity (it's been too long since I last picked my oboe up), and man!  I didn't realize how weak my diaphragm's gotten!  Pilates absolutely killed it this week.  Hasn't negatively affected my runs though, which is good.

Summer's the best because you can just walk and run anywhere outside without shoes on.  My feet are getting so tough now, walking on gravel isn't that bad anymore.


By far the worst thing to happen this summer were the three untimely deaths last week.  I lost my favorite businessman, a good high school friend, and a great paleontologist all in one week!  Satoru Iwata's death was very sad to me.  He was such a good, genuine, quirky man.  He always made me smile during Nintendo Directs and Iwata Asks interviews.  I've already gone on lengthy obituaries elsewhere so I won't here, but man has the world lost a great.

Death is a very strange thing.  It is a release from misery and pain, and yet because it means losing happiness and pleasure we fear it.  But it's so strange, because there isn't any real reason to fear death.  Once you are dead, that's it--all your worries and troubles and concerns cease, and eventually your body will putrify and be consumed by fungi and other organisms.  But since fearing death is one of the number one ways to survive, we have been selected heavily to dread it and spend our entire lives trying to avoid it for as long as possible.  It's an artificial threat--there isn't anything really threatening about it--but even I myself am terrified of it.  I think in some ways it reminds me of my own mental disorder.  I struggle every day to keep myself from zoning out and being left behind by time, and death is the ultimate disconnection from reality I guess.

In a way, though, death is relatively rare.  If you have kids, then you can't really die, because part of you is still alive after "death," just like how part of you is still alive after your skin cells die.  I'm covered in dead skin cells, and yet I still consider myself alive, so I guess I would still be alive if my body lost functioning but my children were still active.  It's interesting--in a way, having children is the source of (potential) immortality.  My girlfriend says it would be a really bad idea to say that at one of my parents' funerals, ha ha.

Speaking of children, if I have a kid one day I am practically committed to naming it "Calvin" if it is a boy and "Charlie" if it is a girl.

Final Fantasy

Last week I finally beat the game with my number one soundtrack of all time, Final Fantasy XIII.  Its soundtrack was absolutely incredible and it was a very gorgeous game.  The battle system was superb, but I have mixed feelings about the corridors and the plot and the characters were very bland.  The writing was kind of terrible.  But I'd give it 7/10 stars overall, definitely glad I played it!

I have now moved on to Final Fantasy IX on the PS3's PlayStation Network, and let me say it has been quite the treat!  This game is awesome!  I really love the characters especially (Zidane, Vivi, and Freya are like...ridiculously awesome).  The music fits the game perfectly, but I must say that for supposedly being Final Fantasy's most popular soundtrack Nobuo Uematsu really isn't as great as everybody says he is.  I definitely like him, but his songs just don't grab me like Masashi Hamauzu's did in Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy XIII.  I'm on Disc 3 right now.  Disc 1 was stellar and Disc 2 was pretty great, but I've found Disc 3 to be rather boring for the most part.  We'll see how it ends and how Disc 4 is.

Ace Attorney

I've been replaying all the Ace Attorney games and I'm now in Case 3-3 of Ace Attorney Trilogy on the Nintendo 3DS.  It's certainly not my favorite case, but I'm enjoying it more than I remembered.  I really hope they release a second trilogy with Apollo Justice and the two Ace Attorney Investigations games.  Speaking of blunders by Capcom, why isn't there a Western release date for the new Ace Attorney game yet!?!?!?  I need it right now!


As of this weekend I have seen all the movies I wanted to see this summer: Avengers 2, Jurassic World, Inside Out, and Ant Man.  Of those, Inside Out was by far the best and Ant Man was the worst, but Ant Man was by no means bad.  It ranks low in my favorite Marvel films though; the only ones I liked less than Ant Man were Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Man, I've bought so much music this summer!  Most of it has been music from Final Fantasy IX and XIII, but I also picked up the stellar soundtracks to The Wind Rises and Inside Out.  Tons of great stuff.  A surprise for me was Splatoon's soundtrack; the music in multiplayer is pretty "eh," but the singleplayer music is quite good.  Probably my favorite new song I've experienced this summer is "The Cradle Will Fall" from Final Fantasy XIII.  It makes me think of love and, at the same time, of death.  Few songs outside of the typical Philip Glass tunes are really able to accomplish that.  Here it is:

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I'm Graham. I recently graduated with a Zoology degree focusing on Paleontology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and am currently studying to become a high school biology teacher. In addition to art, I also write fan-fictions, play oboe and didgeridoo, and compose music. I'm a big video game aficionado, and especially am a fan of Zelda, Pokemon, Ace Attorney and Pikmin games. You can find more information by clicking the above picture.



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