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A Bit of a Change

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 9:57 PM

About the Journal

I decided it was time for a new journal skin.  I'm still looking for one to settle on, but for the time being I thought I would use this great Ace Attorney skin by Sitraxis. (I hope people will see it and realize I am a huge Ace Attorney fan...)
My Life


Moving is such a pain! (I sound like a lazy person saying that) I guess I should say that relocating is a pain!  I pack up the moving van on Wednesday or Thursday, and then my fiance and I fly out to Maine on Saturday.  I can't wait, but at the same time I am already starting to miss all my friends! (I hope I make some friends in Maine, otherwise all my card games are for naught...)
Trauma Team!!!

I just got done playing a ton of Trauma Team with my friend tonight.  We were trying to beat the game since I won't be able to play it with him again until possibly later this year, but unfortunately we still have maybe 6 missions left to go.  Oh man, Trauma Team is so good!  I've never played any other game that makes such good use of the Wiimote and Nunchuk!  All the Trauma Center games are great, and I'm still not sure whether I prefer Trauma Team or Trauma Center: New Blood, but Trauma Team is definitely a game that should be in the library of any Wii owner! (those endoscopy levels are brutal in co-op though)
I think my favorite modes in order of favorite to least favorite are Dr. Kimishima's (forensics), Gabe's (diagnostics), Hank's (orthopedics), Maria's (first response), the prisoner's (surgery), and Tomoe's (endoscopy).  But actually, music-wise, I think the best music is in Gabe's mode, followed by Tomoe's, Kimishima's, Hank's, Maria's, and the prisoner's.


The other day, I figured out what my favorite Pokemon designs are.  In order of least favorite (10) to favorite (1), my top 10 favorite Pokemon designs are:

10. Xatu
9. Drifblim
8. Braviary
7. Mewtwo
6. Girafarig
5. Meowstic
4. Honchkrow
3. Claydol
2. Sigilyph
1. Xerneas

It was a tough list to make because I had to do my best to ignore other reasons why I like various Pokemon. (man do I love making lists, though!)


Oh, last but not least, I just recently got engaged!  That's pretty cool. :) We won't get married for a while though.

Music to Check Out

Trauma Team has some incredible tunes, but in my opinion it doesn't get much better than this:

Disclaimer & Copyright

The Ace Attorney Series belongs to Capcom and its respective owners. Journal skin by Sitraxis
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United States
I'm Graham. I recently graduated with a Zoology degree focusing on Paleontology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and am currently studying to become a high school biology teacher. In addition to art, I also write fan-fictions, play oboe and didgeridoo, and compose music. I'm a big video game aficionado, and especially am a fan of Zelda, Pokemon, Ace Attorney and Pikmin games. You can find more information by clicking the above picture.



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