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An Academic Update

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 4:31 PM

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Also see...

Not dead!  Ha ha.

It HAS been a while since my last journal update, though.  Goodness gracious, such technology!  I can italicize my text without any special codes!  Kinda nifty.

If any of my followers still follow me (it has been a while), you may have noticed how I don't really post much any more.  It isn't because I'm dead, nor because I hate deviantART, nor because I think art is for wussies.  I just don't draw as much now.  College has taken a great deal of my artistic inspiration, thrown it into an oven, and baked up a completely new brain, one that thinks in song more than it does in pictures, so now my musical output greatly outweighs my art output.  What I mean to say is that, well...oh, I already said it.  I don't draw as much now!  But I still do here and there.  I just lack inspiration most of the time.  A big, giant artist's block, if you will.

Anyway, what that means is if it isn't already apparent, I'll only be updating my gallery on rare occasion.  At least for the time being.

But, in the departure of my artistic creativity, a new thing has swept in and taken its place!  I'm a very prolific composer now!  I write video game soundtracks mostly, but last summer I began a quest to re-orchestrate the entire Link's Awakening soundtrack.  You can listen to my work here: My SoundCloud

So, what's up with me these days?  Since my last journal update, I lost all of my DS games, which is very sad. :( On a happier note, I'm really, really enjoying Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U systems, and I just got a PS3 finally last week, so I'm very content video game-wise.  I'm playing through Final Fantasy XIII right now, and I must say that despite all the hate the game gets, I am really digging it.

This upcoming fall will be the start of my fifth and final year of undergraduate college.  I'm very actively pursuing a career in paleontology (fossils) and paleobiology (what fossils mean about biology as a whole).  Just started working on a Triceratops frill!  Cool stuff.  I'd like to go most particularly into vertebrate paleontology, but recently I've become very interested in sponges, algae, and the origin of multicellularity.  It's probably too late to switch focus, but we'll see.  I'm happy with either subject. :) I'm starting to think that if I don't become a professor, I'd like to go into scientific outreach.  Not enough of the general public understands biology since biologists (and paleontologists especially) often do their studies behind closed doors and mask their results in heavy technobabble.  I'd like to change that.

I just recently finished watching Attack on Titan.  What an incredible show!  I can't wait for season 2!  Captain Levi is my favorite!!!!!  With Armin and Mikasa after him.  If you are reading this and have not watched Attack on Titan, you really have to get on that.  It is spectacular.

Oh yeah!  And I have a website now!  It's nothing special, but... The World of Russiac

Well, I'm not sure if there's anything left to say.  I just wanted to update my journal since it has been a few years (oh god I'm old). :P Thank you for reading!

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I'm Graham, and I'm a Zoology major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Paleontology. In addition to art, I also write fan-fictions, play oboe, and compose music. I'm a big video game aficionado, and especially am a fan of Zelda, Pokemon, and Pikmin games.



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