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Appendages by Dreyfus2006
First of all, ignore the horrible, horrible picture on the right.  It was started out good, but it got really bad at some point.  It was supposed to be Dreyfus' human form...

Anyway, I did a bunch of sketches practicing drawing hands and feet.  This is from a few weeks ago.  Oh yeah!  And I did two sketches of an elk's hand on the right.

Dreyfus Vandolin III (c) Me
Count Renbaku Portrait by Dreyfus2006
Count Renbaku Portrait
Click "Download" for full-size, or you won't sleep well tonight!

This is another character portrait, in a similar vein to the ones I've already done this year of Dreyfus, Scott, and Tom.  This one is of Count Renbaku, the God of Sleep in the Russiac pantheon.  Count Renbaku gets his energy from the minds of children, and travels the different dimensions of my Fantasy Universe waking kids up and luring them into the World of Dreams, never to be seen by their parents again.  A child may certainly be frightened by Renbaku's cordial request for them to join him in the dream world (Dimension 4 of my Fantasy Universe), but they are pacified by the intoxicating, hypnotic gases smoked by the count's hat.  Once under the spell of the vapor, the child will follow Count Renbaku's every command.

Not unsurprisingly (especially if you are a Pokemon fan), his design is inspired by the dream-eating tapir of Asian legend, Baku.  Anthropomorphic tapirs are pretty tricky to draw, but there aren't really a lot of them out there on the interwebs, so I do my part. :P

Count Renbaku (c) Me
Hey guys, sorry if this should be in the Hardware forum.  I figured since it's an issue specific to traditional artists I might find better help here.

Does anybody have a suggestion for how to scan pages of a sketchbook?  I always have issues because some of my sketchbooks are too big for my scanner and in all cases I have to deal with the spiral binding raising part of the book above the scanner's surface.  Both of these issues result in there being shadows (sometimes faint, sometimes really dark) along one side of the scanned page, as well as portions of the scanned image that are blurrier than others.

My alternative that I came up with was taking photos of my sketchbook pages, but I don't know how to find a room with proper lighting to do that, so I either get a photo with the wrong color values or a photo with lots of shadows cast on the image.  It is also very difficult for me to hold a picture up to the light AND take a picture without being at an angle without getting my hands or shadows in the way.

I understand that I could just tear my sketches out of the sketchbook and that would solve most of my problems, but these are sketches from sketchbooks spanning almost ten years of work and I would rather not remove them from the binding and risk them getting damaged or lost in the future.  My goal is to eventually digitize all of them for archiving and the occasional submission onto deviantART for the odd gem here and there.

I know that artists here who draw on paper have to be able to get their works onto deviantART somehow without ugly shadows and weird lighting.  Do any of you guys have any tips you could give me?
Major Gods - Zeus (2011) by Dreyfus2006
Major Gods - Zeus (2011)
This is a sketch I made of Zeus, the Major God of Structure, back in January 2011 during a trip to Austria.  It is part of a series of sketches I made of the 10 Major Gods of the Russiac Pantheon from my Fantasy Universe.  You can think of the Major Gods as "chairmen" or "CEOs" of the gods and goddesses that govern specific domains of nature.  I made a Major God for each of the planets in our solar system, plus the Sun and Pluto.

Zeus (representing the planet Jupiter) is the Major God of Structure, which means he is the highest ranking deity that oversees how different things are organized in nature.  Various fields that fall underneath his rule are hierarchies, categories, governmental structures, grammatical structures, and mathematics.  He is often associated with monarchies and civilization, but those are actually complex fields that involve a good number of deities, some under his control and some under the control of his colleagues (especially Venusi and Sage).  Zeus is also the chairman of the "Outer" Major Gods, which include himself, Typhon, Gaia, Poseidon, and Hades.  This makes him one of the two highest ranking deities in the Russiac Pantheon, together with Helios.  Zeus resides in a field of black holes and wormholes (known as the "Maw") in an isolated part of the universe.  There he gazes upon all the dimensions of my Fantasy Universe with his colossal eye, and ensures that all laws and divine acts are applied to their proper realms.  Although most of the actual sorting is done by his subordinates in the Maw, he performs the most important jobs himself using his massive hands of dark matter.

You may notice that in this almost-four year old picture, Zeus is labeled as the Major God of "Civilization."  He actually started out back in 2005 as the Major God of Monarchies and Dark Matter, but as my Fantasy Universe evolved and I learned more about how things work in the real world, I began assigning "top tier" domains to the Major Gods and deemed monarchies way too specific for Zeus' role.  He later became the Major God of Hierarchies, and then the Major God of Civilization.  However, 2014 me recognizes that civilizations are actually social constructs that are just glorified populations, and so civilizations technically would fall under Venusi's domain (ecology).  I thus backtracked to "hierarchies" and made Zeus the Major God of Structure, which is something separate from ecology and does not fall under the domains of any other Major God.  Zeus' influence over dark matter was dropped at some point during the last couple of years, as Helios' domain over matter really should include dark matter rather than having Zeus just arbitrarily also oversee dark matter in addition to his other duties.  His past association with dark matter is why he lives in a cluster of black holes.  As you can see, Zeus' role has undergone a lot of change!

This picture illustrates my continued trouble with scanning pages from sketchbooks.  Normally, this amount of shadows would be a great frustration for me, but I actually like how they emphasize Zeus' eye, so I accepted them this time around.

Zeus (c) Me
Major Gods - Venusi (2011) by Dreyfus2006
Major Gods - Venusi (2011)
This is a sketch I made of Venusi, the Major Goddess of Ecology, back in January 2011 during a trip to Austria.  It is part of a series of sketches I made of the 10 Major Gods of the Russiac Pantheon from my Fantasy Universe.  You can think of the Major Gods as "chairmen" or "CEOs" of the gods and goddesses that govern specific domains of nature.  I made a Major God for each of the planets in our solar system, plus the Sun and Pluto.

Venusi (representing, quite obviously, the planet Venus) is the Major Goddess of Ecology, which means she is the highest ranking deity that oversees how different things interact in nature.  Various fields that fall underneath her rule are ecosystems, economies, geographic range, friendship, enemies, nutrition, and war.  She resides in Western Russiac in a pyramid deep within Erar's Bayou.  An unfortunate victim of major depression and paranoid schizophrenia, Venusi oversees an inquisition which invokes strict laws and monitoring on the residents of the bayou.  Although Venusi normally dons the form of a giant, stereotypical Venus flytrap, she is known to appear sometimes as any number of carnivorous plants.  Together with Mercury, the Major God of Chemistry, Venusi has had many children.

Venusi (c) Me

An Academic Update

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 4:31 PM

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:bulletgreen: = Updated
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Also see...

Not dead!  Ha ha.

It HAS been a while since my last journal update, though.  Goodness gracious, such technology!  I can italicize my text without any special codes!  Kinda nifty.

If any of my followers still follow me (it has been a while), you may have noticed how I don't really post much any more.  It isn't because I'm dead, nor because I hate deviantART, nor because I think art is for wussies.  I just don't draw as much now.  College has taken a great deal of my artistic inspiration, thrown it into an oven, and baked up a completely new brain, one that thinks in song more than it does in pictures, so now my musical output greatly outweighs my art output.  What I mean to say is that, well...oh, I already said it.  I don't draw as much now!  But I still do here and there.  I just lack inspiration most of the time.  A big, giant artist's block, if you will.

Anyway, what that means is if it isn't already apparent, I'll only be updating my gallery on rare occasion.  At least for the time being.

But, in the departure of my artistic creativity, a new thing has swept in and taken its place!  I'm a very prolific composer now!  I write video game soundtracks mostly, but last summer I began a quest to re-orchestrate the entire Link's Awakening soundtrack.  You can listen to my work here: My SoundCloud

So, what's up with me these days?  Since my last journal update, I lost all of my DS games, which is very sad. :( On a happier note, I'm really, really enjoying Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U systems, and I just got a PS3 finally last week, so I'm very content video game-wise.  I'm playing through Final Fantasy XIII right now, and I must say that despite all the hate the game gets, I am really digging it.

This upcoming fall will be the start of my fifth and final year of undergraduate college.  I'm very actively pursuing a career in paleontology (fossils) and paleobiology (what fossils mean about biology as a whole).  Just started working on a Triceratops frill!  Cool stuff.  I'd like to go most particularly into vertebrate paleontology, but recently I've become very interested in sponges, algae, and the origin of multicellularity.  It's probably too late to switch focus, but we'll see.  I'm happy with either subject. :) I'm starting to think that if I don't become a professor, I'd like to go into scientific outreach.  Not enough of the general public understands biology since biologists (and paleontologists especially) often do their studies behind closed doors and mask their results in heavy technobabble.  I'd like to change that.

I just recently finished watching Attack on Titan.  What an incredible show!  I can't wait for season 2!  Captain Levi is my favorite!!!!!  With Armin and Mikasa after him.  If you are reading this and have not watched Attack on Titan, you really have to get on that.  It is spectacular.

Oh yeah!  And I have a website now!  It's nothing special, but... The World of Russiac

Well, I'm not sure if there's anything left to say.  I just wanted to update my journal since it has been a few years (oh god I'm old). :P Thank you for reading!

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